First Time Setup for MicroProjects

MicroProjects are guided, detailed projects that provide you a real data science experience in Python in under and hour!

Step 1: System Setup

To complete a MicroProject, you will use the same tools as you do in all parts of DISCOVERY. This includes the use of git, Python, and Visual Studio code -- on your own computer!

Step 2: Creating Your Repository

The MicroProjects can be automatically checked using GitHub Action. To do this, you'll need a GitHub repository:

  • If you are enrolled in STAT/CS/IS 107, you will use the same stat107/netid directory you use for your labs. You MUST use your stat107/netid folder to get extra credit.

  • If you are NOT enrolled in STAT/CS/IS 107, you can create a personal repository on GitHub:

Step 3: Adding the microprojects Remote

The last thing you need to do is add the microprojects remote to your repository!

Using your terminal in the directory of your repository, run the following command:

git remote add microprojects

If you see no output, that means everything worked!

Debugging Common Setup Errors

Error: "fatal: repository not found"

When you run git fetch microprojects and get a fatal: repository not found error, the usual issue is the microprojects remote is not configured correctly.

You can verify If you have the microprojects remote by running:

git remote -v

The command was successful if you see a microprojects entry with the URL For example, you can see the microprojects entry below:

microprojects (fetch)
microprojects (push)

If your entry is incorrect, you can remove the microprojects entry and type it again by running:

git remote remove microprojects

After removing it, repeat "Step 3: Adding the microprojects Remote" above.