Data Science Guides

These DISCOVERY guides are short, solution-focused examples of common tasks in Data Science. We create several new guides each week, so there is constantly something new!

Guides Using pandas DataFrames

DataFrame Fundamentals

Reading and Importing Data into DataFrames

Combining DataFrames

Row Selection using DataFrames

Modifying DataFrames

Data Visualization

Saving and Exporting DataFrames

Guides for Python Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals

Guides Using Statistics

Classic Problems

Descriptive Statistics


Statistics Formulas

Statistics with Python

  • Calculating Standard Deviation in Python
    When we're presented with numerical data, we often find descriptive statistics to better understand it. One of these statistics is called the standard deviation, which measures the spread of our data around the mean (average).

  • Cross Validation in Python
    In absence of a test dataset, cross validation is a helpful approach to get a idea of how well the model performs and what level of flexibility is appropriate.

  • 3 Ways to Calculate the RMSE in Python
    Three simple methods for calculating the Root Mean Square Error, or RMSE, in Python.

Ethics in Data Science

  • Ethics of Data with Humans Subjects
    Conducting social science research typically requires using data from human research subjects, which is both incredibly useful for improving lives across the globe and full of ethical conundrums. This guide will help you understand key ethical principles for human subject research and related data analysis.

System Setup

  • Setup Your System for Data Science
    As you begin your journey as a Data Scientist, it is important to get familiar with tools on your own system in addition to tools in your web browser.

  • Your System's Terminal
    Every operating system contains a Command Line Interface (CLI) that lets you interact with your computer using a keyboard known as a terminal. You can do everything you already do on a computer via the terminal, but you can also do a whole lot more!

  • First Time Setup for MicroProjects
    A detailed guide for getting setup to start programming MicroProjects!