Course Catalog Dataset

The "Course Catalog Dataset" contains all 8,589 sections of courses offered at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) during the Fall 2019 semester, organized into structured CSV file.

  • Dataset Format: Well-formatted CSV with column headers as the first row
  • Dataset Size: 8589 rows × 10 columns
  • CSV File Location:
  • Dataset Variables:
    • Year : number ➜ The year the course section was offered
    • Term : string ➜ The term the course section was offered (Fall, Spring, Summer, or Winter)
    • YearTerm : string ➜ A formatted combination of the year and term
    • Subject : string ➜ 2-4 letter subject code for the course; ex: HIST for History, CS for Computer Science, etc.
    • Number : number ➜ 1-3 digit course number
    • Description : string ➜ Short catalog description for the course
    • Credit Hours : string ➜ Course credit hours, formatted as a string
    • Section Info : string | empty ➜ Course section specific information
    • Degree Attributes : string | empty ➜ Fulfillment of general education credit requirements

Using the Course Catalog Dataset in Python

The dataset can be loaded using the pandas library in Python:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv("")
YearTermYearTermSubjectNumberNameDescriptionCredit HoursSection InfoDegree Attributes
02019Fall2019-faAAS100Intro Asian American StudiesInterdisciplinary introduction to the basic co...3 hours.NaNSocial & Beh Sci - Soc Sci, and Cultural Studi...
12019Fall2019-faAAS105Introduction to Arab American StudiesInterdisciplinary introduction to the basic co...3 hours.NaNCultural Studies - US Minority course.
22019Fall2019-faAAS120Intro to Asian Am Pop CultureIntroductory understanding of the way U.S. pop...3 hours.NaNCultural Studies - US Minority course.
32019Fall2019-faAAS199Undergraduate Open SeminarMay be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours.1 TO 5 hours.NaNNaN
42019Fall2019-faAAS200U.S. Race and EmpireInvites students to examine histories and narr...3 hours.Same as LLS 200.Humanities - Hist & Phil, and Cultural Studies...
85842019Fall2019-faZULU202Elementary Zulu IIContinuation of ZULU 201 with introduction of ...5 hours.Same as AFST 252. Participation in the languag...NaN
85852019Fall2019-faZULU403Intermediate Zulu ISurvey of more advanced grammar; emphasis on i...4 hours.NaNNaN
85862019Fall2019-faZULU404Intermediate Zulu IIContinuation of ZULU 403; emphasis on increasi...4 hours.NaNNaN
85872019Fall2019-faZULU405Advanced Zulu IThird year Zulu with emphasis on conversationa...3 hours.NaNNaN
85882019Fall2019-faZULU406Advanced Zulu IIContinuation of Zulu 405 with increased emphas...3 hours.NaNNaN

The full Course Catalog dataset stored in a DataFrame (8,589 rows).

Pages Using the Course Catalog Dataset

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