Illini Football Dataset (1892-2020)

The "Football Dataset" contains every game played by the University of Illinois' football team from 1892 through the end of the 2020 season.

  • Dataset Format: Well-formatted CSV with column headers as the first row
  • Dataset Size: 1,259 rows × 9 columns
  • CSV File Location:
  • Dataset Variables:
    • Season : number ➜ The season when the game was played. Usually the same as Year, except for some rate January games (ex: bowl games)
    • Date : string ➜ The date when the game was played
    • Location : string ➜ vs. for home games; @ for away games; the city, state for games at neutral sites (ex: Chicago, IL)
    • Opponent : string ➜ The name of the opponent (ex: Purdue)
    • OpponentRank : number ➜ The NCAA rank of the opponent (only available for very recent seasons) or blank
    • Result : string ➜ W for an Illini win; L for an Illini loss; T for a tied game
    • IlliniScore : number ➜ The final score for the University of Illinois
    • OpponentScore : number ➜ The final score for the opponent
    • Note : string ➜ Notes for bowl games (ex: Rose Bowl), homecoming (Homecoming), or cancelled games (ex: Canceled (COVID-19))

Using the Football Dataset in Python

The dataset can be loaded using the pandas library in Python:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv("")
125418921892-10-29@Kansas City A.C.NaNW42.00.0NaN
125518921892-11-05vs.Englewood HighNaNW38.00.0NaN

The full Football Dataset stored in a DataFrame (1,259 rows).

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